please join us for

goodTHANGpassing 2022 Fluffy Matzah Ball Edition

what dance, music, poetry, some of it pretty far out

when Friday, April 15th, from 10 am till 6 pm

where Arts at the Armory, 191 Highland Ave Somerville, MA 02143

how much free

who and what

the 4:30 dance collective with two multiverse premiers, passage and awake at the wheel dancing and choreography julie leavitt paul kafka-gibbons dancing joanie block lynn frederiksen eleanor duckworth

karen klein

eliza mallouk

vicky steinitz amy cohen melinda rothstein debbie stringham (dancer, musician) and musicians joel segel mitchell gordon joyce friedman lorel zar-kessler


pazzi lazzi and behind the mask = chiara durazzini & eric bornstein Behind the Mask Studio | If you can imagine it, we can build it!


body in U--rostridad americana = andrea rios and burcu gulec


randy winchester in what is the use of a virtual performance in the metaverse? mit diesen aleatoric design action cards


sitto and nana natalia maldari & rachel roccoberton


chicken scratch = liza kitchell & ruchika madan & delia marshall & annie silverman


kelley donovan


matt scutchfield & john voigt


upland jazz trio = david schwartz & patrick gaulin & chris wells


carla-la aka carla schwartz @cb99videos


alli ross


the long pined-for return of

elka bong = al margolis & walter wright


selmadanse = joanie block & melinda rothstein & julie leavitt in darkness into light


rachel roccoberton and paul kafka-gibbons continuing their journey in the second dimension


neil horsky


inédit = joe burgio & walter wright john voigt charlotte wagner kristiana hubley ariana haddad et al


love letters by teXtmoVes members karen klein & sean murphy


mitch ahern cry of the print shop death doula


decentralized square dance =

molly hess


mary teuscher


roughcut = tomoko iwamoto & mark chenevert & grant smith


all knit together by THANGband joe brown & vanessa lefevre et al

last time…

1 Mary Teuscher and Molly Hess

2 from 11:57 clockwise Julie Leavitt, Eliza Mallouk, Joanie Block (3:00), Karen Klein, Paul Kafka-Gibbons, Lynn Frederiksen, Vicky Steinitz (9:00), Andy Taylor-Blenis

3 Sean Murphy and Karen Klein

4 Joe Brown and Dei Xhrist

5 Charlotte Wagner, Kristiana Hubley and Ariana Haddad of inédit

6 Dei Xhrist

7 James Krendel-Clark and Shereen Salem

8 Paul Kafka-Gibbons and Rachel Roccoberton

Dear Friends,

If you would like to support the THANG performance series, please Venmo

@Paul-Kafka-Gibbons .

Last four digits of phone number are 2793. All contributions will go in their entirety to pay for the rental of the performance space.

Thank you!

Paul Kafka-Gibbons