please join us for

THANGsgiving 2022:

Mashed-Potato Gravy-Reservoir Edition

what? dance, music, performance art

when? Friday, November 25th, from 10 am till 5:30 pm

where? Arts at the Armory, 191 Highland Ave., Somerville, MA 02143

how much? free


matt samolis randy winchester peter warren thadd comstock ira gorodets vlad filitovitch connie lu six-foot long steel cello, three three.five foot long bows, at least three musicians & three 舞踏 dancers


ready-made humans CillaVee & robyn thomas in how long is a string? (installation and performance)


amy goldfarb & paul kafka-gibbons jamie’s trip with suitcases, a jet airplane, and the international space station disco


inédit (unabridged, pinky swear) andrea rios, john voigt


mitch gordon


christos koulendros


sean murphy & karen klein


avian triptych deb stringham choreography & joanie block & julie leavitt


vanessa lefevre


2kjb doing

it don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that chaos


spark purcell


meghan joyce tozer reading from her debut novel Night, Forgotten


ron goldman


tamalyn miller


The Randall W. Winchester Science and Technology Education



karen bray/ fig newton garden dancers

future (up arrow)


past (down arrow)

from goodTHANGpassing 2022: Fluffy Matzah Ball Edition (April 15th)

rachel roccoberton, natalia maldari, their gramma’s dresses

andrea rios and burcu gulec

julie leavitt’s “passages” with the 430 dance collective dancers and guests

alli ross

carla schwartz

john voigt, matt scutchfield

randy winchester and his able assistant kelly donovan in what is the use of a virtual performance in the metaverse? mit diesen aleatoric design action cards (no artists were harmed in the making of this art, and their pets are spoiled silly)